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Cpu speed capped after switching to AC power

hi i have a dell inspiron 3437 with a core i5 4200u, lately i noticed that my cpu speed is capped at .8  ghz when i switch to AC even though my base speed is 1.6, when is unplugged the base speed is normal, i already have the high performance power plan, installed the latest bios, switching the speedstep off doesnt change anything.

i want to know if theres something to ressolve this issue without ressorting to 3rd party programs like throttlestop or the likes, thanks.

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RE: Cpu speed capped after switching to AC power

You need to have SpeedStep enabled.  

If disabling ThrottleStop - BD PROCHOT solves your throttling problem, you will need to either replace the motherboard or power supply.  Running a 3rd party program is a lot less of a hassle compared to sending your laptop in for repairs.  When a sensor goes bad, it will signal your CPU to constantly throttle.  Disabling BD PROCHOT blocks these signals from getting to your CPU while still allowing your CPU to throttle if it ever gets too hot and actually needs to throttle.

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RE: Cpu speed capped after switching to AC power

Check the system setup - is the AC adapter listed or showing "unknown" -- F2 at powerup.

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