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Crash after wake from sleep

my laptop crashes after waking up from sleep.

i set the laptop to sleep when i push the power button. i push it and wait for the laptop to sleep. after i push the button again, the win7 crashes and restart. it also happen when waking up when opening the latop lid.

i read about this problem online and most of the posts recommend reinstalling the video graphics card drivers. i did it and it didn't help. i also switched between versions and it didn't help.

i ran automatc update on all drivers too and on graphic card too and it didn't help.

please help!

my laptop is 

Dell Latitude E5550 Laptop

Memory:             2X   DDR3L 4GB 1600MHz = 8G

CPU:                      Intel Core i5 5200u 2.2Ghz

HD:                         500Gb 7200

Video Card:        Intel 5500 GMA HD

Screen:                 15.6”

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RE: Crash after wake from sleep

Good day Rodnikosh ,

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum !

In this case I would suggest you to try these steps and advise the result ,

*Go to power options via control panel then click on choose what to do when the lid is closed ,select to set the laptop to sleep .Make sure the same settings is selected when the system is working on battery and charger.

*Initiate hardware diagnostics on the system by pressing the F12 key on system startup and then if any errors observed kindly make a note of them .

*Also the final step being update BIOS ,Chipset and uninstall the existing video drivers and reinstall them ,

-Click here to install the latest version of BIOS .(Kindly note that you will have to install A06 version of driver on your system before installing A07)

-Click here to install the latest version of Chipset .

-Click here to install the latest version of Video .

Awaiting your response !

Kindest Regards,

DELL-Jennifer K
Social Media and Community Professional
Manuals and Drivers

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