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Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys does automatically advance

Normally when selecting text in Word, notepad, etc., holding down Ctrl+Shift+Right (or Left) arrow key will automatically advance the cursor to expand the selected text a full word at a time.  However the shortcut currently only works to highlight one word at a time, i.e. I have to re-press the arrow key for each word. The Shift+arrow and Ctrl+arrow both advance automatically a single letter at a time just fine, its just the three keys together that doesn't work the way it should.  And the weird thing is, it's only a problem with the left Ctrl+Shift on the keyboard, the right hand Ctrl+Shift+Arrow combo works fine.  The three key combo also works fine on-screen keyboard.  Have you heard of this and do you know how I can fix it?  Thanks for your help!

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