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Cursor Over Link: Why Does It No Longer Show Internet Address????

I don't know how else to describe the problem.  Maybe I'm not a techy.


However, when I'm at sites with links to other sites (akin to Cracked, Drudge Report, Huffington Post), I used to be able to hold my cursor over the link and in the bottom left of the screen (inside the gray horizontal box that extends across the bottom of the screen), it would tell me where the link would take me.


Now, it just says "Done."  I want to tell my computer, "Yes, I realize that the page I am looking at is done loading, but where will the link ON this page take me?"


So say I am at cracked.com.  This site has links to other sites with articles/videos.  But I don't know where exactly a video/article link is going to take me until I have already clicked on it and "poof" I'm there.  I only started noticing this problem about three weeks ago.


Has something been updated on Internet Explorer that I'm not aware of?  Is there any way to remedy this problem in the drop down "Tools" on Internet Explorer?  Is my McAfee program causing the name of the site to be blocked for some security reason?  I know it's my laptop because the addresses appear on the computers at work when doing the same thing.


I have an Inspiron E-1705, Windows Media Center Edition, as well as up-to-date McAfee and Internet Explorer.


Any help/suggestions/comments anyone has would be GREATLY appreciated.



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