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Customer Service Complaint

Dell has to be one of the most incompetent companies of our time. Hopefully Michael Dell can clean it up and get it back to the Dell of 10 years ago. After many months of research I compromised on a XPS 15 9350, though not configured to my needs (with Win 8.1 Pro, a 1TB hard drive and a 512GB mini-slot mSATA SSD). So I want to replace the 32GB mini-slot SSD with a 512GB mini-slot mSATA SSD and upgrade to Pro. After 2 days of calls and numerous emails sent (none of which I got a response). I'm still not clear whether the SSD product I ordered is compatible with the system I ordered and the product I need. The provided product descriptions are misleading, "512GB Mobility Solid State Drive, Latitude 6430U", and no one could find anything better nor provided confirmation that it is compatible i.e. the description doesn't mention mini-slot and the laptop is not a Latitude 6430U. And since these are on order they I DO NOT HAVE ANY SERVICE TAGS!! List of Dell phone numbers I was provided and departments > (800)624-9896 - Parts and Upgrades? > (877)293-1197 - XPS Group? > (866)516-3115 - Tech Support > (800)624-9897 - Customer Service Home Segment > Home Sales Group - At least group provided some information > too many other transfer that they never told me who they were. Dell needs a major cleaning!!
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