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D410 fails POST with new system board - what gives?

I have a D410 on Medicaid to which I'm sentimentally attached. I've replaced every major part once, twice or thrice. Still a pretty good little machine. However I post not to praise her but to figure out why she is brain dead. I had bad sectors on the HDD, producing pagefile and memory blue screens. I installed a new hard drive and loaded XP onto it. I tried to restore a full system state back of the HDD with file system errors, and it didn't work. Rather than going to blue screens, the computer stopped booting even to the DOS level. In other words, I get a black screen that poops out after POST. I can't enter BIOS, can't hit F12, can't rescue the machine (again) using KNOPPIX or a LiveCD because it won't boot off the CD.It even has the gumption to ignore a Microsoft Windows install CD. And, the final insult, I don't even get a blinking cursor. Nada. I tried all kind of machinations involving the boot sector, copying the core OS files from another machine etc., and no luck. So I thought, well, I put in a new mb only a couple years ago, but system boards for old machines are cheap on eBay, so I bought one. It came today and I just got finished with the chore of putting in the new motherboard. To my amazement I got the exact same result. Not a blue screen of death but a black one. The system indicates is clearly powered but it dies seconds after the power-on button lights up green. Can't run diagnostics because it still won't boot off the CD drive.

Have you ever heard of such a thing?


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