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D520 Scroll Lock and Caps Lock flash in unison, won't boot

i have a Dell D520, replaced the motherboard and now the Scroll Lock and Caps Lock flash simultaneously, Num Lock is on constantly and that is all that happens: blank screen and not making a sound. Automatically turned itself off after 40-45 seconds. Thanks!

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Hello Gary,


Welcome to the Community,

This symptom is seen specially when the system is unable to recognize the memory modules installed. (i.e., Num lock On - Caps lock Flash - Scroll lock Flash)

Few basic things that we have be sure off are-

  • Make sure the Memory modules installed are compatible with the new motherboard.
  • If they are compatible, make sure they are seated correctly.
  • Try known good memory from another computer or replace the memory.

If none of these resolve the issue, you may have to get a new motherboard.




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Thanks for the quick response. I unplugged the display cable, removed the display, installed the display, reattached & re-routed the video cable & antennas, without changing symptoms.  :(

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Check to make sure the cables to the screen are firmly seated.


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