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D830 Laptop 90 Watt Charger / Power Supply OVERHEATING

Is anyone having trouble with their laptop power supply overheating?  I've had this for about 2 years and recently it has been getting super hot, almost too hot to touch.  I haven't ever noticed this happening before, so I believe this has just started overheating.  I have other Dell laptops with 65 watt power supplies and they have no problem.

Anyone else experience this?  Anyone know if Dell is aware of this issue and has a solution or recall?




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Re: D830 Laptop 90 Watt Charger / Power Supply OVERHEATING

I have been experiencing the same issue recently too.  The power supply is fine because it works on other D830 computers.  I removed the battery and it does not get hot.  It must be something to do with the battery charging current.  I will try putting my battery in another computer and see what happens.  I suspect it is a laptop hardware thing.  Any other thoughts?

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