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D830 Windows 7 NIC slowness/problems when receiving data

I have a Latitude D830 with 8GB RAM and a 512GB Crucial SSD running Windows 7 x64 Professional.  Everything works great except the Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller network driver for the onboard BCM5755M NIC appears to have performance issues when receiving large amounts of data.

For example, if a 2GB file is being copied to this system (it doesn't matter if the transfer is initiated on the D830 or the other system), the D830 CPU spikes to 100% and the UI gets extremely sluggish or even freezes for 2-3 seconds at a time until the transfer is done.  The D830 is basically unusable until the data transfer completes.  The data transfer is limited to about 55 MB/sec but does complete successfully without any data corruption.

In contrast, the D830 NIC can send at full speed, nearly saturating the gigabit connection.  If I take that same 2GB file and copy it to another system (again, it doesn't matter if the transfer is initiated on the D830 or the other system), the CPU stays around 25% but the transfer hits around 110 MB/sec.

All systems in my testing are connected to the same gigabit switch and with the exception of the D830 can transfer at 110 MB/sec in both directions.

I've tried the following (with no success):
- The Windows 7 stock driver and the latest driver from the Broadcom site
- Enabling/disabling flow control on the D830 and the gigabit switch
- Enabling/disabling Window Auto-Tuning and other TCP global parameters on the D830
- Disabling antivirus and firewall software
- Swapping network cables
- Copying to/from different systems

None of these have helped the situation.

Has anyone else seen this problem and resolved it?

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