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DELL 15R 5521 + Touch : Hardware query & Software help.


I have purchased Dell Inspoiron 15R 5521 touch model.

i7-3537u, 1TB, 8GB ram,... etc with Windows 8 operating system.

Software Issue:

On first startup... the windows-8 has installed on entire HDD utilising about 900GB of space as OS partition.

There are other Healthy partitions which I can see under Computer >> Manage:

1. EFI system partition = Capacity: 500 MB, Free space: 500 MB, Free: 100%;

2. OEM partition = Capacity: 40 MB, Free space: 40 MB, Free: 100%;

3. Recovery partition = Capacity: 490 MB, Free space: 490MB, Free: 100%;

4. Recovery partition = Capacity: 11.84 GB, Free space: 11.84 GB, Free: 100%;

5. Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary partition = Capacity: 918.54 GB, Free: 868.08 GB, Free: 95%;

What are these partitions ???

Please help/suggest me in making use of entire HDD space by dividing into about 10/some partions, installing 3 OS's (i.e., Linux-Ubuntu, Windows 8 & XP besides each other).

Can I format complete HDD & install Win 8 which has come with this laptop besides other 2 OS (Ubuntu & XP) ???

Or how to back up these OEM & EFI partitions ?? Are they necessary ?

Hardware Issue:

What is the type of touch Screen of this device. I mean is it Corning Gorilla Glass or any other type ? Please specify.


Thank you in advance.

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1.  is the EFI (BIOS replacement) data partition.

2.  is the Dell diagnostics.

3.  is the recovery boot partition

4.  is the recovery image

5.  is the WIndows boot partition.

All of these are required by Windows 8.

 You cannot install Windows XP on the system without a ground-up rebuild (XP will not work with a UEFI boot/GPT disc).  Since XP goes completely end of life on April 9, 2014 (no more security updates), forget it - the OS is history.

Whether you can install Linux depends on finding a distro that supports EFI and GPT.  A few do. 

Before even attempting to install Linux, MAKE A BACKUP recovery USB drive (you'll need a minimum 16G flash drive to do so).

It is supposed to be a Gorilla Glass screen.

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Thank you EJN63,


I have backed up recovery in USB drive.

I need a clarification, whether all these partition are backed up or only factory backup is done, when recovery back up is created ???

And secondly, If I wish to reinstall windows 8 besides Linux, what are the steps to follow. And will these partitions (EFI, OEM, Recovery partitions) are automatically created or wiped out if formatted ???


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