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DELL 5521 CD/DVD ROM Problem

Hello i have a dell 5521 about a year ago i bought it, i was not using the dvd rom too much just sometimes like 6 or 7 time a month , yesterday i wanted to watch my uncle wedding it had 2 DVDs i inserted the Disk 1 and After it finished i Inserted Disk 2 But it Dident Worked or Readed.. i dont know why there was no Bam Sound there was no smoke nothing , just it stopped working i tooked it out inserted back, installed fresh windows but its not even flashing its small light... like its Damaged??? any suggestions would be great.. i also Tried DELL Diagnostic but the dvd rom is not even listed there... Please Help if u can...

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RE: DELL 5521 CD/DVD ROM Problem


Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

Did you recently install/reinstall the operating system? If yes, did you install the Dell System Software(if applicable) and the chipset drivers first? If not, the rest of the drivers will fail to install. How to Download and Install Drivers in the Correct Order



What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

Original poster, If you have solved your problem, can you please mark the correct thread(s) with your solution. Thanks 

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RE: DELL 5521 CD/DVD ROM Problem


I have an Inspiron 3721. I don't use the DVD-ROM much either, but recently I wanted to re-install some printer software and found that the CD Player (DVD-ROM) wasn't working. So, I called Dell. I bought the Concierge Package for $239, the One Year Hardware Warranty for $208 and System Mechanic for $109. Two different technicians tried to solve the problem. If I went to "This PC" and opened it, under "Devices and Drives", the DVD-ROM wasn't even listed! The first technician did a bunch of stuff. All of a sudden the DVD-ROM was back! The technician could not explain it! He swore he didn't do anything! Then we hung up. I went back an hour later and the DVD-ROM was gone again. I called again. The second technician seemed uninterested. He did a few things, but said he could do no more. He said, "Don't call us back."

I have done some diagnostics on my own and when they were complete, the pop-up told me:

"Device Status:

Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)

To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer."

For now, I am looking for information to see how to open up a laptop. I want to see if there is a "ribbon" connector or something that simply is not plugged in. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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