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DELL 7567 Audio Stutter

Hello, I have a problem with my 2 months old dell 7567 laptop.

The audio (and sometimes video) stutter when I play music via youtube or Spotify together with other programs (MS Word, Adobe Reader, Chrome, etc.). This problem appears randomly and has no same pattern whenever it appears.

I have the latest drivers from Dell and I have tried the solutions from these links:



And it didn't work.

specs: windows 10 creators update, i7 cpu, 8gb ram, gtx 1050Ti,1tb hdd, 128gb SSD

ps: I upgraded the default 500gb hdd to 1 TB hdd


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RE: DELL 7567 Audio Stutter

Hi ghifariadamf,

Thanks for posting.

If you've tried the remedies in those posts and they didn't resolve your issue, then please perform a systems diagnostics test by pressing F12 at startup and contact Dell Tech Support for further troubleshooting.  Thanks.


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RE: DELL 7567 Audio Stutter

I had the same problem so I've done a lot of searching and found out that Dell SupportAssist and other related software  is what causing the problem so uninstalling it fixed the problem.

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RE: DELL 7567 Audio Stutter

Please I'm gonna throw this laptop because of this problem. Audio just buzz it or pop it or feels like I'm in front of camp fire.

So far what I found.

Dell Support Assist is doing

ACPI.sys is doing

Wdf0100.sys is doing

HdAuDbus.sys is doing while listening or watching something.

dxgkrnl.sys is doing while working

Also if you take out the charger while listening / watching movie sound gets spiking and laging. If you use Skype and if the person's connection is not perfect this buzz, pop up, cracking whatever you call is all the time happens. So my guess is if you use non stop connection this sound get crazy.

Another also, if you use teamspeak which you need to use all the time audio and mic. This sound is every where like it comes in every 5 seconds.

Everything is up to date. Windows, drivers, bios everything ! I'll get crazy because of this random pop sound PLEASE DELL PLEASE I'm begging fix this problem. This laptop is your gaming and it is really a good one. So please find good drivers and update it ! Smiley Sad

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RE: DELL 7567 Audio Stutter

I have uninstalled Support Assist but the problem still persists. Can you please be more specific about what other related software do I have to uninstall? Thanks

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