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My comment is about alot of things but mainly how your customer service NO LONGER EXISTS. Yesterday I woke to my laptop keyboard no longer working after an overnight update. I knew the hardware was not the problem but since my dell is no longer under warranty I could get NO HELP from dell unless I paid for it. Not even suggestions on how to fix, just pay us 59.99 and we will diagnose. I understand you want to make money but you have become greedy. I'll expalin After 4 calls to dell yesterday the last person was a superviser who suggested he help me buy a USB keyboard for my laptop as a fix, AGAIN GREED. I finally called a friend of mine and we fixed my computer. The updates had messed up the BIOS. Your diagnostics would not have found that but a good tech could have suggested I look at that without having to pay for it. On top of that your website does not allow an email to customer service, because you don't want to hear the truth from your customers. I have bought my last DELL. ROB

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The problem with your diatribe is that no matter who you buy your next system from, the same will apply - post-warranty support is pay per incident -- with everyone.

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To add to ejn's post.....

Even IF you had a standard warranty in  place, you'd have had to pay to fix this (with Dell or any other computer maker) as it was a software issue.

Regardless, glad you got it fixed. Now that you have found these forums, they are a great resource for help (free) when you need it.

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Now that you have found these forums, they are a great resource for help (free) when you need it.

I agree that the Dell Community Forum is a great resource and more folks should take advantage of it. I even think that in many or most cases folks can get better support here than they would get from Dell's paid support. But although it is free support for the customers, I am sure it is quite expensive to run the forum despite the fact that volunteers provide the support, and Dell is footing the bill. Of course Dell does not provide this free service out of altruism -- it is out to get every buck it can -- but because it thinks these boards add to its public image and ultimately to its bottom line. I agree that Dell is greedy, as Rob said, but to expect Dell to provide free tech support in addition to the free Forum is -- well -- a bit greedy too, imo.

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