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DELL E7440 - Power light illuminates for 10-15 seconds then goes off. No Display.

Hi All.

After a speight of these Dell calls cropping up on our site and being unable to find anything about it anywhere, i thought id start a thread to see if anyone has a solution. Currently to fix this issue we have been replacing system boards. But with the frequency this fault crops up im interested in a first time fix.

Basically when powering on a laptop with the fault the power button illuminates, after 10-15 seconds it goes off no display at all.

Stripped laptop back and ran with nothing on the board, tried a new battery also. Only thing thats worked in getting the laptop to boot is pulling the CMOS battery and reseating. This is a temporary fix as the fault returns.

If anyone has encountered this fault and knows how to fix you insight would be appreciated.

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