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DELL INSPIRON 7567 FPS drop when unplugged

Hello, I currently have Dell Inspiron 7567 and I had this for 10days.

Here is the spec of Dell 7567 that I have:

-Intel Core i7 7700HQ

-Nvidia gtx 1050ti

-16gb ram

-128gb SSD and 1tb HDD

-1920*1080 IPS panel

Whenever I play any games with AC adapter plugged in, the FPS is more than 100 and it makes loud fan noise. However, the FPS drops to 30FPS and fan does not make loud noise when I unplug the AC adapter. I have changed the NVIDIA power plans in NVIDIA Control Panel. I have also altered my power options in control panel and turned off Battery Boost in GeForceExperience. Can anyone please tell me what is causing this FPS drop and loud fan noise? 

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RE: DELL INSPIRON 7567 FPS drop when unplugged

The system switches to lower power mode on battery - while you can adjust this setting in power management, it will reduce the battery runtime (and it's unlikely the battery can supply enough power to allow the system to run as fast as on AC power even if you max out the settings).

When the system is working hard, it generates heat that must be dissipated.  That causes the fan to run faster -- and be noisier as a result, just as your car's engine gets louder when revved faster.

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