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DELL Inspiron 3543 HDD failure

Hi everyone!

Less than a year ago I bought a brand new Dell Inspiron 3543 laptop with 2 years worldwide warranty. 2 weeks ago it suffered what appears to be HDD failure (ESPA error: 2000-0142 Short self test failure).

The machine is still on the warranty. Since then I filled out the forms on the website in order to contact technical support and they didn't answer in the promised 1 business day period. After one week I filled out a form and submitted my request again. And by now, after 2 weeks, they are still not contacting me. I have even received automated Support Contact Receipt after every time I filled out the forms, which means they have got the request. But won't answer...

What do I do in this situation? I am really, really upset about it, because I have been unable to use my laptop for 2 weeks. In case it matters, my service request number is 931960865.

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RE: DELL Inspiron 3543 HDD failure

It could be a number of things starting with -- have you registered the system in your name?  If not, call - don't email or use the web form - and open a support ticket.

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