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DELL Inspiron 5547 - faulty touchpad and other things


I have few DELL laptops and never had any issues with them. 

That's why I bought a new one - Inspiron 5547. Everything would be perfect except the series of issues:

- First the laptop shut down itself randomly, or when changing the screen angle. The technican replaced the whole motherboard and some stuff.

- Then the laptop worked OK except a lot of bluescreens caused by plugging in headphones, a HDMI cable or other accessories. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't. The technican replaced the whole motherboard again.

- Then the touchpad started causing issues or I didn't notice them before, because the laptop history is 90% service and repair, 10% - my usage...

The touchpad sometimes gets laggy and the cursor "jumps" on the screen, and also make fake clicks randomly when I'm not even touching anything (even the laptop itself).

Sometimes it happens when the laptop is plugged in to the charger, but there is no rule, it can surprise me. 

When it works OK, the gestures aren't. For example I can't see any movemenent on the touchpad icon and can't scroll with two fingers, BUT the touchpad is enabled, as the gestures. The only thing that helps with getting gestures back is restart.

Didn't have these problems on 3737 and 5737.

Of course this time the technican visited me as well. He confirmed something is not right, then he replaced the touchpad with the whole upper "case" around the keyboard. He reset the system and installed Windows and other things from the scratch. He also updated the touchpad drivers. Then he left after checking that it worked... for 30 seconds. The second minute he left the problem was back.

Now I have a new 5547 and can't use it, because of the faulty touchpad. It works ok with the mouse, but I didn't spend my money to have a broken product without a normal touchpad.

I tried to return it to the store, wait 2 weeks to hear that everything is OK. They returned it to me.

I asked the technican what can I do? I don't want this laptop anymore, it doesn't work, it was repaired many times, and I want to get the whole laptop replaced to another model. He said they can't do it, only the seller can. 

I'm offended as I'm a loyal DELL customer, I have 3 laptops including this 5547, I even have the DELL Axim x51v palmtop from old times, I recommend DELL to my friends, but I can't get my product replaced? Or even repaired?

Have someone experienced similar problems with this touchpad? Maybe it's easy to fix? Right now the laptop is useless and one thing I know for sure is if it won't be solved, I won't buy and recommend another Dell ever again.

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RE: DELL Inspiron 5547 - faulty touchpad and other things

I ended up returning it to the store I bought it from, it was faulty and unrepairable. It costed me a lot of stress and arguing, because no one wanted me to return it (even DELL).

I needed to record a video about how bad the 5547 is and after that they eventually returned my money.

It was such a painful experience for me - this DELL was 5 times in the service, I needed to argue about this what I don't enjoy, and it was painful for my business as well. I was a loyal DELL customer, but I didn't even get a response on this forum about 5547, which should be retreated from the stores by the way (it's the worsest DELL laptop ever produced).

Because of this painful support, from the money I got back from 5547 I bought a HP laptop and it was cheaper and is much better!!! Goodbye, DELL.

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