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DELL Inspiron14 FREEZING Please help


It's becoming desperate.

Since 48 h my Inspiron started freezing. It is stopping doing anything, and I lose mouse and keyboard, and have to hard reboot. It does the same in safe mode. 

I can do some simple things, like unistall a programs. But windows update or open Chrome is already too much, and it freezes. In rare cases, it come to life again some instants after, and then dies again.

I can see in Glasswire history that it stops any internet activity after freezing.

I wonder if he's doing something in the background that is taking all its resources. When I open windows update history, I see that there are many failed update trials since 2 days. 

I opened scandisk, and it says I don't need a scan, there is no problem.

I also tried to restore, but all the 3 restore points I have in store failed to install.

The version of Inspiron I have is tropicalized, so it should not be a temperature issue (resists to 60°C).

I could try to refresh windows, but I would lose all my applications. And not sure if this fixes the issue.

I did not install any new program or something. Some days ago I run malwarebytes through, and it didn't find any malware. 

It happened suddenly, I haven't had this problem before. What I had before was just slowness and lengthy boot time, but no freezing.

Please help, this is DESPERATE.  I am writing you with my old Acer, but I need my Dell to work. I am working on that non stop since 36 hours now. I really need my laptop working again.

Thank you

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