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DELL MEDIA DIRECT booting for no reasons on Inspiron 9400

Hello Everyone,

I have an old inspiron 9400. I had to open it to change the speakers the other day. I managed this correctly and closed the computer again. 

Yet, since then, I started to have problems: dell media direct starts for no reasons at all. It does not matter what I am doing. I can be sleeping and the computer off, I will find it has booted in media direct during my sleep or I can be surfing internet and Dell media direct will appear without any sollicitation in the middle of my session. At times, when in windows, it will issue continuous orders to open media direct and I will have huge difficulties getting out of it. Same thing when the computer is off... it will keep on booting in media direct and reboot, and reboot... the only way out is to disconnect and take out the battery.

My guess is that there must be some physical problem with the switch / wiring of switch. Possibly I damaged it while opening the computer. The switch does not seem damaged but I am no specialist.  

Short of calling exorcist, do you see any solution? I don't need Media direct and if there is a physical way of getting rid of it, all the better from my perspective!

Would really appreciate some help.


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Re: DELL MEDIA DIRECT booting for no reasons on Inspiron 9400


Welcome to the Community. You may not seated a few cables properly, or there is a lose connection. I suggest you start by reseating the Connector cable to the motherboard.


If this does not work, and you do not want Dell Media Direct, then you can map that key to do something else. Use the below link for help.


Thank you

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