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DELL XPS 13....

. I decided to buy a laptop with faster processor to keep myself up to date with technology. I decided to give a shot to Dell product and bought Dell XPS13 ultrabook which I honestly regret now. I am using it for a year and 5 months. I started having trouble with the display and computer was crashing  after one year of use. I called Dell customer service and they told me its the problem with the motherboard.  They sent someone over to fix it. and i left on deployment and my wife was still having issue with it. It crashes and says their is no battery and we have to keep the AC charger on all the time or it will not power up.  My warranty expired  back in april 2014 and now I have to pay $200 to get it fixed from Dell!!!!  This is my 2nd XPS that i've purchased from dell and will more then likely be my last.
I saw several people on Dell forum having similar complaints about the product.
After paying such a high price for a new laptop, having these problems with the motherboard in barely 1 year old laptop, tells me how poorly this product has been designed.

I would not recommend this product to anyone, especially when there are several other better quality products available for the same price range. Stay away from this product. If you have already bought one, make sure you buy an extended warranty to save your ***.Overall not happy with the product - short life for a ridiculously Price.

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