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i've had my dell XPS M1710 for just over a year, when first purhcased i had overheating issues when playing games, and i managed to get heat sinks and fans replaced on-site by dell, but then a few months down the line the overheating issues are still persisting. has anyone experienced the same problems with the same M1710 model? and does anyone have solutions for this problem?



Dell XPS M1710

Intel Core 2 Duo T7400 @ 2.16Ghz

512mb nvidia 7950GTX

2gb ram

160gb hd @ 5400 rpm

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Well I'm lucky enough to have another year on my warranty... I just got the call today in fact. They are replacing my system with a new model! As soon as the tech, gets the email for a go he's going to call me back to go over what the NEW system will be... Ya when the tech. came out both times I had him use my thermal paste that I used in my quad core 3-way SLI system Arctic Silver Ceramique! Didn't help... After motherboard/video card/cooling system change and with an ambient room tepm of 75 deg. my poor XPS fans just cant make up their mind now... One second there off then on full then low then high in no particular order... And it still over heats and shuts off when playing any grafix intensive games within 10 minutes... But I told them I wasn't interested in playing the keep replacing parts game. It's not worth it to me or them and I told them I didn't want another refurbished M1710 either, not with all the problems it has with over heating that is all over the net and their own forum. The tech. reluctantly agreed... So I guess I'll post back later this week or the first part of next and let ya know what they are replacing it with... The tech. said since I purchased a gaming laptop thats what they will replace it with and if it's NEW like he says then that can mean only one thing... Can you say "AlainWare"?!! After our M17xx series they bought out AlainWare... I think my biggest advantage in this experience was my technical knowledge and that I did my research and went through 90% of the things tech. support wanted to do each time I called... And keeping a cool head and not loosing my temper, thats the one that gets most people is attitude... I believe if  one starts with a good attitude it will end with good service. But most people are already at the end of their rope and angry by the time they try to calling support and they understandably have a bad attitude and ends with bad service... Ya get what ya give!

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"Still persisting" is redundant.

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Looks like you quit  ...and Dell won. I won't ever buy another Dell, that's for sure.

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