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DVD Drive Clicking Noise Dell Latitude E6530

The DVD-RW Drive consistently makes a clicking noise even though it is not operating with a disc. Then, when a blank disc is placed in the DVD-RW Drive, the blank disc swirls as if being read. This too happens periodically.

Troubleshooting Performed:

Performed Dell hardware diagnostics. No problems shown. Ran M/S Fix It. I was told the Detect Controller was fixed. I am not sure what this means? Performed the Fn+Power up for diagnostics and no problem shown.

When I leave the DVD tray out of the Laptop there is no noise. This is a brand new Dell Latitude E6530 with windows OS 7, 64 bit. Dell has replaced the DVD Drive with a new one, however, the new one still makes the clicking sound periodically. Please offer any suggestions as to a solution to this problem. Thank you.


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RE: DVD Drive Clicking Noise Dell Latitude E6530

Hi yerby56,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate that you’ve tried a lot of troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

1. The clicking noise usually happens either from DVD drive, hard drive or sometimes from Fan.
2. since you’ve already ran the diagnostics on the computer, did you notice the clicking noise when the diagnostics were running?
3. Try performing the complete system diagnostics again by pressing and holding Fn + Power button and make a note if the clicking noise  happens.
Open up the DVD drive and take a look inside. Make sure there is no foreign object inside the drive.

5. Test your drive with a few different CD or DVD discs. Make sure the problem is not related to one particular disc. If the clicking noise appears
with only one particular CD or DVD disc, it’s a bad disc

Please perform these steps and let us know your findings.

Thanks and Regards,
Munawar P
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