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DVD_Rom Upgrade for Inspiron 4100


I was wondering if I could re-use the existing caddy to install an internal EIDE Slimline DVD-Rom or DVD-RW drive for my Inspiron 4100?

The existing (original) drive is a Samsung SN-308B CD-RW/DVD-ROM which is ok except that DVD's don't seem to want to load quite often, which can be a nuisance particularly if required for booting.

If it is feasible to install an upgraded drive of the same size and interface standard (EIDE) that might be quite useful. I don't know if there are any compatibility issues regarding bezel shape or other issues that would make the idea unworkable. I am assuming that one can just swap out the drive from its caddy in the same way I upgraded the HDD? But maybe its not the same with laptop DVD drives?

Any informed guidance appreciated.

(I should add that my recent query regarding the HDD upgrade produced a very timely and almost miraculous response! ) emoticon.BigSmile.title


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