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DVD drive not found.

My dvd drive HL-DT-STDVD+-RW GT32N has suddenly disapeared from my computer list. Device manager says it is there but with an error reported on the driver page.

If I call up a program installed on my laptop but using a dvd to run it says to load it even though it is there.

The error is given as "A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternative driver may be providing this functionality (code 32).

I have disabled/enabled, I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have checked drivers are the latest and even downloaded the uptodate bios from dell.

My computer is a Inspiron 15R Model no. 5010-0102.

My wife has a similar laptop, the same as mine but less powerful. I took her drive out and put it in mine and hers gave the same results, making me think it might be software,

I put my drive into her machine and her machine would not boot up! It was only when I returned her drive to her machine that it would! So now do I have a software and hardware fault at the same time?

Do I do a back up and return to factory settings to see if the drive is still faulty, or purchase another drive and see if that will fix it? (bearing in mind my wifes drive did not!)


I have spent 4 days running diagnostic programs and had three tell me they had fixed the problem (NO they didn't). Others confirming there was a fault and suggested I contact my Administrator!  All I need to know is where the problem is, none could pin it down.

A plus on all the updates I downloaded means my laptop now finds 4 mobile phones via bluetooth!

Anybody been here and done this? Help me out please..


Regards Taffyvic

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Re: DVD drive not found.

Hi Taffyvic,

Welcome to the community.

Please check the link below which would be helpful in resolving this issue:


Please perform these steps and let us know the results of the same.

Thanks and Regards
Sandeep P

Thanks and Regards
Sandeep P

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