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Damage LCD

My Laptop N4010 inspiron 14R purchased at canada last 11/27/2010 and still under warranty (1) year. The problem is .. the laptop was gift to me by a Friend from canada who purchased the said Laptop and presently the laptop is in the Republic of the Philippines. Just 2 days ago.. i open my laptop inspiron 14R N4010 with service tag <ADMIN NOTE : Service Tag removed per Privacy policy > i saw blurred/distorted picture starting from the motherboard bios until entered at OS windows 7. And the distorted / blurred are still on it. I connect to the external monitor and i connect it to my laptop, it was very good perception. NO BLURRED / NO DISTORTED PICTURE COLOR. So, i finally concluded that the damaged was the LCD Monitor of the said Laptop.

PROBLEM: How can this Laptop avail the said warranty service of the DELL? cause the Laptop is in the Philippines. How can i get the Transfer of Ownership from my friend in Hard Copies or scanned copy? How can i have the copy of Warranty Service Card from Dell and how can i process the said problem of this Laptop? 

My friend your suggestion and ideas to make this laptop back in very well function is open to me.

Thanks for helping!

Ray S Germino

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Re: Damage LCD

You need to do an international tag transfer.  However, the basic 1-year warranty must be upgraded before you can do this - you can't transfer the base warranty.


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