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Day old computer went into support assist mode should I return it?

I'm just tired of this new computer already.  Why did support assist popup on a computer that was a day old.  Laptop got stuck when a new standard user signed in.  Had to hard power off after waiting a few minutes.  Then hard power off a few more times to get rid of the support assist at start up.  Then finally the computer boots.  OMG really hard power offs a few times fixed the problem.  I didn't want to go through the learning experience of see support assist fixed the computer.  OMG support assist caused the problem.


I finally sign in with standard user Dell pops up a dialog asking  to download and install new software.  OMG you are not allowed to ask standard users to install missing software.

So here I am maybe I return it the day after tomorrow.  

Later I've got the standard user that locked up at boot deleted and I've wasted 8 hours just watching the computer update but still feel like I should return it.  Maybe fdisk a hidden sector a say the hard drive is the wrong size.


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RE: Day old computer went into support assist mode should I return it?


Did you get the issue resolved? Did you call into support? Did you do the updates? Please let us know.

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