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Dead Laptop

I have a Dell Laptop I have had for several years now. Many things have happened since it was purchased back in 2011. I was laid off from my job and with difficulty finding a replacement job in my carrier I just went ahead and retired 2 years ago so now I am on a fixed income. The Dell Laptop I have is a Inspiron M5030, Service Tag <Admin Note: ST removed as per privacy policy> and has been nothing but excellent for my needs, it serves many functions I need but it recently this week developed problems. Problem: Black Screen/7 Beeps. It is no longer under the default warranty and I don’t know what to do since I have a limited knowledge of computers. I can’t afford to have it looked at and repaired in a local location and I sure cannot afford to replace it. I’ve searched the Military Veterans websites being a Vietnam Era Veteran 1967-1971 but there was no assistance of any kind there. My question is can Dell do anything to help me out to get this Laptop fixed with no charge?

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RE: Dead Laptop


Rather unfortunate you had to face difficult times in your life and now with your system. However, please understand that any electronic product is subject to failure, while a few may fail in the early days, some last for years.

The 7 beeps refers to a cpu failure - I would suspect a faulty motherboard, as the cpu is seated on the motherboard, as seen in previous cases - see this link for more info about beep codes - http://dell.to/1IuETMX

You could download the service manual - http://dell.to/28VFmMB - and reseat the memory modules and check if the system powers on. Sometimes it helps in the rarest of cases.

I have also confirmed there is no warranty on the system. At this point, your option to fix this system is a paid service call. Dell would not repair a system without any charge if the system is not under warranty - this is as per the consumer laws in your country.

Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.

Let us know if you have any other queries.

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