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Dell 1525

I can hear people when I am on Skype, but they cannot hear me. Is there a microphone in this laptop or is there a download I can use? When I do the sound test on my laptop.... there is no sound recorded.
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RE: Dell 1525


Is it an issue with Skype calling only?

Are you able to record using the windows built in sound recorder?

Please perform Microphone troubleshooting using the link below:


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Manshu S

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Jim Coates
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RE: Dell 1525

Is there a microphone in this laptop or is there a download I can use?

Hello. The Inspiron 1525 model was sold with an optional webcam. Look in the frame above the screen. If you see a lens there then you have the webcam. The internal mics are a part of the webcam -- it is all one unit.

Inspiron 1525 models without the webcam had a simple mic, located in the front of the case just to the right of the audio jacks.

Dell supports Windows XP and Vista on the 1525. If you have one of those OS's and if you have the webcam, there is some software to install. I will wait until after you have replied to Manshu S before getting into that.

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