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Dell 1555 Crashing In 3D Games

Hi there my Dell 1555 is consistantly crashing while in Games however I have run GPU stability tests where the gpu is put under full load and the system is fine I get temps of about 90 Celcius however as soon as I play WOW, Arma 2 or Call Of Duty 1 it crashes yet I can play Saints row the third with ease

Any suggestions 

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Re: Dell 1555 Crashing In 3D Games

Hi Equinox217,

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It seems to an overheating issue.

I would suggest you to flash system BIOS. Please click the link below which will take you to the drivers page:


Enter the Service Tag of the computer and choose the Operating System installed on the computer. Please update the latest version of BIOS available.

Also, you can run Pre Boot system Assessment (PSA Diagnostics). To launch PSA diagnostics, please press and hold the “Fn” key while turning on the system. Hold it down until the diagnostic starts. Click the link below for additional information about PSA diagnostics and error codes:


Please make a note of the error code if you get any.

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Manshu S

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