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Dell 17R SE 7720 Performance/Lag issues - Gone after restart ??

Hi There,

I have a performance problem with my Inspiron 17R SE 7720. Often times when I run games or programs like photoshop that use quite a lot of graphic/processing power, I experience a LOT of lag. So much lag that it's impossible to play the game or do my work. But then it always goes away when I restart my computer. After a restart I can run the same game on max settings and I don't get any lag at all! (nothing below 60fps) But before I restart it, I can barely get 15 fps on the lowest in-game settings! 

It only works when I select "restart". If I select "shut down" and then turn my pc on again, then it doesn't solve the problem. 

I can never tell when it's going to lag. Sometimes it's right from startup, other times it's not. Sometimes it lags after my display has gone auto-off to save power, other times it doesn't lag after that. 

I've updated my graphic drivers (I always keep them up to date) and I've downloaded the latest BIOS drivers, but I still have the same problem. I have a paid subscription to an antivirus and my pc is virus free. 

Please can you assist me, as it gets really annoying having to restart my pc almost every time I want to play a game or do work. 

Thank you! 

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