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Dell 3340 - Issue w/Unplugging Patch Cable

We seem to be having a major problem with unplugging the network patch cable from our Dell 3340 laptops.  Whether it's unplugging them from a Dell managed cart that we purchased or unplugging them from one of our older laptop carts that we converted into a managed cart, a lot of the 3340 laptops just have a hard time having the patch cable unplugged from them.  It's not every laptop, but it's a lot of them.  Just curious if anyone else is having this issue and if Dell has had this issue reported to them by any of their customers.  I work for a school district and the teachers who deal with the laptops carts are growing frustrated with this issue and some of them are not plugging in the patch cable when the laptops are put back, which doesn't allow us to manage them remotely like we want to.

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