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Dell 3421; not able to connect to projector


I am trying to connect my Viewsonic projector with Dell Inspiron 3421. Laptop doesn't have VGA port, so I purchased '6-Feet 1.8m Gold HDTV HDMI to VGA HD15 Adapter Cable ' to connect with projector. However it doesn't connnect. Projector shows no signal.

Did I purchase wrong cable? or I need to do something else to connect?

Please help me out.



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RE: Dell 3421; not able to connect to projector

I just did the same thing - bought the same cable, and mine doesn't work either. My old Dell laptop with Vista always connected to the projector automatically with no input from the operator. My new Inspiron doesn't have a VGA port. So now how can we connect these computers to a projector?

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