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Dell 3450 auto switch problem Radeon 6630 vs Intel HD - Win 7 - 32bit

Dear Dell Comm,

I use Dell vostro 3450 and 3 years no problem with that.

suddenly trouble come when i open Google Chrome, it go to Bluescreen and after that i never could open Chrome anymore. when i try to uninstall and reinstall chrome,it go bluescreen while still in progress. been try registry cleaner but still BSOD.

Last big thing i did was i install fresh win 7. when i instal chrome without VGA driver installed, the chrome installation is succes and i can use chrome, but then i install the radeon driver, that time the chrome cant operate and go to BSOD again.

So, i identify that the problem is VGA.

I cant install the Intell HD driver, it said that my comp doesnt meet minimum requierment specs. so i directly instal radeon driver and it also get the Intel HD driver together in it.

this far, the installation of VGA driver is success, but still problem if i use chrome or safari.

No, i can still open chrome if i disable the Radeon, but it become 1024 x 758 resolution.

I dont know whats or where the really problem is... how i call this problem...

and what have to do so i can open chrome with 1366 x 768 / high performance programs...

i have a clue that the problem is when the VGA is switching from Intel HD to Radeon,,, maybe the Radeon not ready to receive the job.. or The Intel HD dont want to release the work that swith to Radeon.. so they Crash... or maybe im wrong... 😄

o yah.. the bluescreen said: atikmpag.sys error code... but i have tried some methode about expand the atikmdag.sys or kind of that...but stil not work.

So... help me please... Sorry for poor english..

Every suggestion and help would be very appreciate..

Regards & Thankyou...


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RE: Dell 3450 auto switch problem Radeon 6630 vs Intel HD - Win 7 - 32bit

Hi I am facing the same issue from last 2 days.

I have formatted the entire system and installed fresh Windows 7

I have updated the driver but instead of getting solved, the computer started hanging frequently. So I formatted again and installed the old driver again. But the problem is still there.

I have run the Diagnostics but there were no errors.

Please suggest a solution.



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RE: Dell 3450 auto switch problem Radeon 6630 vs Intel HD - Win 7 - 32bit

Hi, it might be a software or (more likely) a hardware issue.

Google exact BSOD error code to find out more.

If you don't find any useful suggestions try installing (or booting from USB stick) some Linux. Fedora should work well on open source drivers (out of the box). When you start it, install (download RPM version from Chrome's site) and then start Chrome using this command in terminal: DRI_PRIME=1 chrome
It will start Chrome using AMD graphics and you'll see if it crashes. Same way you can start any game (e.g. xonotic) to check if it's working fine. Also open chrome regularly, by clicking on it's icon, to see how it behaves on intel graphics.

Chrome on Windows is mostly locked to Intel graphics, so you may also force-install latest intel's drivers. Go there and choose your processor/graphics version (it'll probably be 2nd or 3rd gen Core), download ZIP (NOT exe) version and un-zip it
You'll need to use device manager, choose Intel HD 3000/4000 (whichever you have) -> Update driver -> don't use automatic installation but manually point to location where an un-zipped driver is.

Does your Dell have AMD 7670m graphic card? Check if it's not crippled here!

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