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Dell 5521 DVD-RW writing problem

Hi ! I have a Dell 15R Inspiron 5521 with 8GB RAM, i7-3537u, 1TB HDD,Touch . I have a strange little problem. I am unable to write to a Recording DVD (DVD-R). I am using the Cyberlink PowerToGo utility. However, writing data to DVD RW (rewritable) works just fine. The burner does not write any data to the DVD-R. i.e. they do not end up getting corrupt. I have installed the vA12 BIOS update, and I have updated my Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 (with update 1). I am not running all of the latest driver updates (chipset, audio etc) provided by Dell. Just the video driver is the latest. My laptop is still within 1 yr warranty and it would be helpful if someone could direct me to the solution to this problem by letting me know if I need to do something with respect to the softwares (drivers etc) or if I need to go to a Dell Service Center and get the DVD-ROM/RW replaced. Thank You.
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