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Dell 7348 - Bluetooth speaker pairs but NO SOUND - Intel DB AC 7265 wireless card

Hello, I got the 7348 couple months ago. The laptop is functioning, but I can't get sound come out of the bluetooth speaker, i started asking around and no solution for it.

These are what i've done

On Windows 8.1 (Signature laptop copy):

-Pair 'em both while playing and while not playing anything => NO SOUND at all.

-Remove all network/bluetooth- Intel  hardware drivers then re-install them all restart one by one by order of the Dell driver list => NO LUCK

-Reinstall Windows 8.1 Pro with an ISO file -> drivers install => NOTHING happened


Then I install (about more than 10 times i believe) a fresh copy of Windows 10 with Microsoft media creation tool, everything works fine except the Bluetooth pairing function

-Reinstalled drivers by the Dell windows 10 dr list for my laptop

-Troubleshooting steps from many Internet forums

When the Bluetooth control in Windows 10 Settings menu is done searching for Bluetooth devices, tap on the speaker, they start pairing each others- after 3 seconds after from the tapping I HEAR THE SONG I was PLAYING in "stereo mode" (clear @ good as when i pair with other devices) in 2-3 seconds, then they all turn quiet. (including built-in laptop speakers)

In Device Manager, under the Sound, vid-game controllers node, there are:

- Realtek HD Audio

- SRS-BTV5 Hands-Free

-SRS-BTV5 Stereo.

They appear in normal functioning i think (no warning triangle).

In Volume mixer, I can see the green bars indicate for sound beating or some kind like that, are moving (exc. the System Sounds has no moving bar) and the BT speaker name on it.

In Playback devices:

-the green sound bar for the SRS-BTV5 Stereo moves by the song EQ

-the one for SRS-BTV5 Hands-Free stands still with white color & the Realtek HD Audio also stays still,

the SRS-BTV5 Stereo is set as default device BUT NO SOUND, STRANGE ISN'T IT ? Then I set the SRS-BTV5 Hands-Free as default device, Yeaha the song is playing via this mode but ITS Quality is as bad as a voice call.

I'm sure that there is no problem with my speaker, I use it everyday with an S6 without pairing by NFC (testing-purpose). I even paired it with an old ugly Nokia C1-01, they worked fine - clear sounds.  AND the laptop, its bluetooth function works fine with phone and bluetooth keyboard. I've just sent the text file I wrote these lines on my phone to it.

I really wanna listen to music via my BT speaker. Does anyone have it all figured out ? PLEASE take some time and reply me.

Thank you very much for reading my mess, I'm really appreciate your time !

I love to hear good news that Dell releases a bunch of Well-tested drivers haha Smiley Happy


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RE: Dell 7348 - Bluetooth speaker pairs but NO SOUND - Intel DB AC 7265 wireless card

Please Help !

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