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Dell 7520 SE Speakers

Dear Dell Forum,

I have Dell Inspiron 7520 SE bought almost four years ago. The laptop speakers are no longer working properly and I want to change them. But I don't know about any dell authorized service centers in NCR region. Kindle help

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RE: Dell 7520 SE Speakers


Unfortunately, you will need to contact Dell Support in your country for information as to where or if there is a Dell Authorized Service Center in your area. However, you can maybe do this yourself. You will need to contact Dell to order the speaker. You then can click the link below to download the online users manual. The manual provides information for removing and replacing parts within your computer. The part number for the speaker is listed below as well.

Dell Inspiron 7520se Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

Speaker information: p/n X96FK  ASSY,SPKR,2W,4OHM,A5  Speakers  Speaker Assembly  Speaker, 2W, 5520/752.

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