Dell 7520 switchable graphics memory problems with windows 10

I have dell 7520 which was supposed to be a good laptop as it has a great hardware configuration lets start with my configuration Intel i7 3612qm and intel hd4000 with amd 7730m and 1080p screen and 8 giga 1600 mhz ram which seems good as an everyday laptop but the truth is not before I buy though having a big graphic card can help me to play games on good frame rate and graphic quality  but after i bought it appeared that that graphic card is not suitable with games and switchable graphics is not made for gaming experience its made for battery saving and that graphic card is suitable for video rendering as it has big memory so now lets start with the problem i came for today , first dell recommended to me to upgrade to windows 10 as it's suitable to my system so my system is windows 10 supported by dell I started by using drivers recommended by dell by using My service tag , I just want to do one simple task with my laptop to watch 1080p videos with 1.5 speed playback on my laptop , I use k-lite codec latest version and they recommended me using madvr video renderer as it is the best for rendering high quality videos , but on my laptop it is not working so well as there is frame rate drops a freeze on the screen every 1 or 2 seconds when i do so , so i will make my self clear , I want dell technician to recommend me an amd7730m driver and an intel hd400 as the latest on dell's website was one year ago and the latest one on intel/amd websites doesnot make any diffrence and How to configure k lite codec video renderer to get best video quality and frame rate for My laptop no matter pc usage or power consuming it is .

Please answer my question as fast as u can because I am very tired from waiting and asking in intel/amd/k-lite codec forums and tell me that my system configuration can do that simple Task   

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