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Dell 7559 very high CPU tempreature problems

Hi there, 

So I bought a Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK off Amazon, it's completely new and have been using it for a couple of days only
I tried to update everything possible, windows updates and drivers as well
Now the problem is, when I game on it, my CPU fries ! it averages between 80-90  and even maxes up to 98-99 !! (Room temperature is not bad .. AC turned on making the room ~25c)
My GPU however stays pretty cool, never exceeds 75c at all 
I don't feel like the fans are actually working hard, cannot hear them, so if there's a way to check for the fans, I would appreciate it (I did test it with the offline diagnosis -F12 Boot- and they passed the test just fine)

And any help in general would be appreciated

PS : the choice of getting it to the service center is not available as it's bought in the US and I'm in the middle east currently 

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