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Dell 7567 (Dell Inspiron 15 (7000) UHD screen problem?

Is it possible that UHD screen on my new Dell is looking like that? Should I return it? Please let me know your thoughts!  Please see how it looks in the dark!  


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RE: Dell 7567 (Dell Inspiron 15 (7000) UHD screen problem?


It should not look like that on the screen. Follow the information below to run the diagnostics on the video card as well as the LCD screen.

Launching the ePSA Diagnostics
•Tap F12 key repeatedly during system startup (at the Dell logo screen) until the BIOS Boot Menu appears on the screen.
•On the Boot Menu screen, select Diagnostics option, and then press Enter.

Testing Devices using ePSA

The ePSA begins by checking an area in the system memory to ensure it is safe, and then loads itself into the verified memory area. Then, ePSA automatically begins high-level algorithms on all system memory to ensure integrity.
•The ePSA starts running the quick test on all the detected devices without waiting for user input.
•To select a specific device to test, users can tap the Esc key and click Yes to stop the test.
Some tests for specific devices require user interaction. Always ensure that you are present at the computer terminal when the diagnostic tests are performed. The Touchpad/Mouse will be non-functional when the test is in progress. This is as per design.

List of Specific Devices

The following list shows the devices that can be tested using ePSA. Click on a specific device, press the play button to run the test.
•PCIe Bus
•LCD/Display Panel
•Test Speaker
•Hard Drive
•OS Boot Path
•USB Devices
•Integrated Webcam
•Video Card
•Primary Battery
•Processor Fan
•Video Fan
•System Management

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