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Dell 7720 Recovery Error

Hi there,

I am new to the forum. I recently bought Dell 7720 (17R Spl ed), I was trying to partition disks on the second day...later restarted and it showed me "Recovery error" (error code: 0xc0000225 and unable to load 'winload.efi' file). I am not sure what to do...later contacted Dell support on phone (0800 446 255, as I stay in NZ), one of the CS guy asked my number and said one of the tech support guy will contact you, but I haven't got any call or mail. I even tried to contact Dell through online support and explained my problem, but it is of no use. I later contacted again the same phone number another guy responded in the same way(waking up from sleep...lil frustrated). As I haven't got any recovery CD, I cannot repair the Windows 8 myself.

Now may I know what shall I do now? Did I made any mistake purchasing Dell product or can my solution will be fixed (because it is already been 3 days till now)!

It would be great if there is any kind of positive help from Dell. I am ready to provide any kind of details you need from me.



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Re: Dell 7720 Recovery Error

Dell are currently shipping out most of their systems without reinstallation DVDs. For US customers there is an online request form for Reinstallation Media. For those customers not in the US you will need to contact Dell technical support and ask for one. The customer numbers are available here.

Dr Philip Yip
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