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Dell B/U & Recovery

Hello all...

When I open Dell B/U and Recovery and click on update,

the message at the bottom of the program states

"Please connect to the internet". I am connected. Can

anyone tell me how to fix this issue? I uninstalled and reinstalled

Dell B/U and Recovery vers Not sure what else to do?

Thank you for any help you can give.

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RE: Dell B/U & Recovery

We have this happening on 3 computers.  Very annoying.

When clicking the update link in the tray, to check for updates, the dot changes color for a minute, but no other confirmation of action or results. A message should be displayed about the status of the search for updates.

Obviously this computer is connected to the internet.


Extra issue: on one computer a notification that the backup software has been updated for w8.1.  but not on the other 2.   Lots of annoyances with these 3 new computers.


Why is it so difficult to use dell support?    The search engine is almost as bad as Norton, and using bing.  No matter the punctuation, lots of unrelated posts.

When searching for the phrase "Please connect to the internet" a list of articles that ACTUALLY have this phrase should be displayed at the top of the list. Instead, articles that do not possess most of the words of this phrase are displayed.


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