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Dell Battery Plugged in Not Charging

One day the battery had 30% charge, and I noticed it was not charging. I tried reinstalling the battery drivers, restarting the computer, changing AC adapters, taking out the battery, but the battery would not charge. However the battery would discharge perfectly fine. If i took out the charging cable, the computer would run perfectly fine. I read somewhere that updating the bios would solve the problem, but at that time i only had 8% charge and I need 10% charge to update the bios. Today, I randomly put the battery back in, and it started charging! However, later in the day my battery stopped charging. At this point I had enough charge to update the Bios and even AFTER updating the bios the battery STILL will not charge. I KNOW my battery is perfectly fine! It charged today and it discharges fine. I tried everything I would think off. Any ideas or help would be really appreciated. Sorry for the long post.  emoticon.Smile.title

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RE: Dell Battery Plugged in Not Charging

If the power supply is working, then the problem is the DC socket. Either the power board or the entire system board (depends on the model) needs to be replaced. The DC socket solder connections can fail because of stress on the DC power cord.

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RE: Dell Battery Plugged in Not Charging

I'm having a similar issue. Battery is fine, it has been checked, so is the power cable and AC adapter.

I think its just an issue that has been unaddressed by Dell for several years. You guys know this is  recurring problem, why is there no fix yet? I first saw a post about this back in 2012-13 iirc.

The way I have seem to solve this is just pure trial and error basis. Repeatedly removing the power cable from the laptop and plugging it back seems to make it suddenly start working normally again. Try it. Click the battery indicator on your task bar, You'll see a mini window pop-up (Win 8+) calmly remove and reinsert the power connection to the laptop. Don't force the jack inside or try things with the angle or anything, don't even use force. Just simply remove and reinsert the cable repeatedly. Wait about 1 or 2 seconds to see if the "Plugged in, Not charging" status changes in the mini pop-up window. if it doesn't change, keep trying till it does. It Will. Works for me at around the 25-30th time. But please be patient. I know it is frustrating, but if you don't want costly repairs or new parts, try this method. Thank me later. You're welcome, have a good day emoticon.Geeked.title