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Dell Cutomer Support.

After buying several Dell Refurbs I got one with a problem. The video display is red . I have spent coountless hours on the phone with which seems like every person employeed by Dell. All I want is to fix the computer or send it in for exchange.

Dell advertises 100 day warr. what a joke I have asked for a RMA and this has not happened so far. Although I bought the unit on 12.15.2009 and got the unit 12.23.2009 and it was defective out of the box, the many indivuals I have spoke to suggested I return it to the people I purchased it from, when I tell them for 100th time time that I got the machine from Dell............they say  hold on let me transfer you to Blah blah and the cycle repeats for another hour.

Anybody got a good number where a person can get some action on this seemingly complex problem ?  I dont buy 3000 units at a time but my money is as good as some big firm with 1000"s of employees.  In all the years I have bought Dell Products this will most likely be the last.

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