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Dell D430: compendium of display problems

I have a D430 that I keep for "emergency" purposes, and it seems to be very much on its last legs, display-wise.  But as it's the only thing I have that runs Windows, and Blackberry Desktop Manager only runs on Windows, and my Blackberry is 552'd...

First problem is the laptop display backlight is broken.  I gather this is a very tricky amateur replacement, and getting a whole new screen seems not like an economic repair.  Fair enough, so I've been using an external display.

Second problem is that the external display now is only "blue monochrome".  This is a recent development, and I can confirm that it's only the external display, and nothing to do with the monitor itself.  However, the same problem occurs with both the VGA connector in the laptop, and the replicated port in the docking station.  Is there some candidate internal connector that might be loose, or misaligned, that might plausibly produce this symptom?

Third problem is especially vexing given the first two.  If I boot up to Linux (Fedora 16), it automatically shadows the display to the external monitor.  However, in the flash screen, grub menu, and from Windows (if I fumble my way into it blind), there's no echoing at all.  Fn-F8 produces no response whatsoever.  So I'm completely stuck for getting any viewable display for Windows, which is the whole point of the exercise.

Before I give up, bin the whole thing, and sob on some friends' shoulders to borrow some Windows machine time to get this task accomplished, any ideas for possible remedies for either the second or the third issue?

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