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Dell D600 BlueTooth is not working after Bios upgrade


I have A Dell D600 with Bluetooth installed,

I have just upgraded my Bios for A14 to A15 and reinstall my OS (Win XP Pro SP2)

Every thing is working fine except my Bluetooth device.

At first there was an error message by windows: "one of the USB devices attach to this computer has malfunction, and windows does not recognize it".

This message was a popup every 30 sec or so.

I did not understand the message because there was no devices attach to my USB ports.

But my Bluetooth was not working properly it was going offline from time to time, I looked in the Bios and it looked fine the device was on.

I downloaded the latest driver from Dell Website (Dell TrueMobile 300 Bluetooth Internal card, v.BTW - Stack Only, A05)

After I installed it the error message was the it does not recognizes any Bluetooth device attach to my computer, I checked the bios again and then to my surprise,  under the Bluetooth device I got Not Installed!!!!

Can any body help my I am using the Bluetooth on a daily basis





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Re: Dell D600 BlueTooth is not working after Bios upgrade

I had been searching this forum on Bluetooth after some powersaving scheme had disabled  Bluetooth on my D800, turned out (for me) that about the tenth Fn/F2 hit turned it back on, wish I could find and disable that "Powersaving Scheme"?
I did run across many reports of hardware connection problems on D600's Bluetooth Modules to the mainboard:
Above is just one of them and other threads suggest bracing the connector with cardboard or foam.
Also standing out were problems relating to Bluetooth firmware corruption from recent downloads of upgrades from Dell:
Could not locate it today, but there was another thread of three pages on this same issue.  Seemed that the most common solution was to wait ten minutes before allowing the requested "We must ReBoot..." to give enough time for the Bluetooth Firmware still installing beneath that box.
I would think that the second link may describe what you are experiencing, but an 'Advanced Search' of this forum with keyword 'Bluetooth' found over 300 posts in past 30 days.

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Re: Dell D600 BlueTooth is not working after Bios upgrade


If you still have had no luck, the problem sounds like hardware. Windows sees Blue-tooth as a USB device, hence the messages. The other tip-off is the device not always showing up in Bios. The blue light often goes on and off ( another sign ). If under warranty I would place a service call. If not you may be able to fix it, or apply a work-around. The Bios is out of the OS, so the fault may be unrelated to the reload.

                                                                           Regards Chris

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Re: Dell D600 BlueTooth is not working after Bios upgrade

A simple way to not have to heard the annoying sound of new USB device plugged is to disable the second USB port in the device manager.
This worked for me because the fn+f2 disable also the wifi card.
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Re: Dell D600 BlueTooth is not working after Bios upgrade


The bluetooth module on your D600 has come loose internally. I'm the IT Manager within our Comapny and we have had 8 X D600's with this problem which have had to have motherboards and bluetooth modules replaced.

The system keeps flashing up the message "USB device not working properly". It seems that the bluetooth module is not very securely held on to the motherboard and it can work itself loose.

Hope you've managed to get it sorted.



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