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Dell Defective Inspiron 15- 7000 Series 7559 Plastic Around Hinges On the Left side


My Inspirion 15 - 7000 Series 7559 is still under the 1 year normal warranty.

The plastic around the left hinge of the laptop seams to have given away and they computer starts to crack up and open when you want to move the screen to open or close it.

I have informed myself on the issue and it seams that Another 20 people have the SAME issue with this dell Inspiron 15 7000 7559 model:  The plastic around the hinge opens up!

Here is the Record of that forum :


 It seams that dell made a sticky post saying hinges are not covered by the warranty. And that the issues is caused by physical damage. the computer is in mint condition and has been taken care  and of course never been drop.

Mr  DELL-Chris  a dell spoke person said on the previous Link I provided:


In our usability labs with volunteers, we noted that the wear and tear on the left hinge was in how users repeatedly incorrectly opened the lid on the right corner putting stress on the left hinge.

Correct = Raise the lid by grasping the center of the lid and opening

Incorrect = Raise the lid by grasping the right corner of the lid and opening which adds twisting torque to the left hinge.

The policy will remain. Hinges are considered a consumable and fall under the Dell Wear & Tear policy.""


I was always careful to open the computer with 2 hands from the center as indicated. I have a collection of laptops since an early teenage age and handle my babies with care.

And the issue remains its the plastic around the left hinge, that broke and opens up. The hinge it self is perfect functional.

Another one person commented:

" I'm pretty sure and as far as I can remember, this is a well-known issue, it's always the left hinge and with a bit of bad luck the antenna cable breaks.

The agent can find this in the Dell Oracle Knowledge Base and only the cases covered by the warranty will be repaired free of charge."


Its quite shocking to see 20 unique people with the same problem just on the forums alone who have posted. I can only imagine the real number of people who haven't.

I had a chat session with the dell support and send them a picture of the laptop opening up, which is attached, you may also see others people photos of the same exact problem in the link I provided.The person I chat with said they can confirm its physical damage. I guided them to the forum post I linked explaining its probably a defect and they reconsidered and said I should ship the computer out to the repair depot for them to evaluate it and see if its actually not caused by physical damage and would fix it at no extra cost, but I would have to pay extra if its "physical damage".

So 2 questions

1. Has anybody had similar experiences with this issues and them repairing it at no extra charge or will I ship it for them just to inspect and charge me, without considering that this model has a lot of people with the same problem ?

2.  From: en.wikipedia.org/.../Lawsuits_involving_Dell_Inc.

  • On June 28, 2010, The New York Times described a civil case against Dell in Federal District Court in North Carolina, in which Dell shipped at least 11.8 million computers from May 2003 to July 2005 that were at risk of failing because of faulty capacitors made by the Japanese manufacturer Nichicon. The suit alleges that these faulty components in Dell's OptiPlex desktop computers, were known by Dell to cause problems or computer failure up to 97 percent of the time over a three-year period, and yet it is alleged that Dell knowingly concealed these component problems from customers.

Here is a extract from the New York Times:

""After the math department at the University of Texas noticed some of its Dell computers failing, Dell examined the machines. The company came up with an unusual reason for the computers’ demise: the school had overtaxed the machines by making them perform difficult math calculations.

Dell, however, had actually sent the university, in Austin, desktop PCs riddled with faulty electrical components that were leaking chemicals and causing the malfunctions. Dell sold millions of these computers from 2003 to 2005 to major companies like Wal-Mart and Wells Fargo, institutions like the Mayo Clinic and small businesses.

“The funny thing was that every one of them went bad at the same time,” said Greg Barry, the president of PointSolve, a technology services company near Philadelphia that had bought dozens. “It’s unheard-of, but Dell didn’t seem to recognize this as a problem at the time.”

Documents recently unsealed in a three-year-old lawsuit against Dell show that the company’s employees were actually aware that the computers were likely to break. Still, the employees tried to play down the problem to customers and allowed customers to rely on trouble-prone machines, putting their businesses at risk. Even the firm defending Dell in the lawsuit was affected when Dell balked at fixing 1,000 suspect computers, according to e-mail messages revealed in the dispute.""


To me its the last part that seams quite familiar to them saying its the customers fault for opening the computer from the "right corner" and playing dumb and denying fault. Its seams clear to me that its the plastic around the hinge that seams defective, is there anything I could do if they refuse to repair the laptop?

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RE: Dell Defective Inspiron 15- 7000 Series 7559 Plastic Around Hinges On the Left side

Hi bolvrek,

Thanks for posting.

Apologies that your system is not working as you expected.

Unfortunately it would be impossible to say that all of the systems you've noted in your post have the exact same issue as yours, as there are too many variables and environmental conditions to consider.  Each one would have to be evaluated individually, which is why Dell Tech Support advised you to send it in.  You will be asked prior to any repairs to authorize or cancel the repair prior to starting.

If you feel your situation requires escalating, you can always fill out an Unresolved Issues Form.  You will need your Service Request number.

Dell-Robert P
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