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Dell Dock and Recycle Bin

Inspiron 1545 - Win 7 Home x86

My failed hard drive was replaced today with a new drive which is a mirror image of the originally installed drive. When I started the laptop the recycle bin was at the top left corner of the desktop. I then downloaded and installed the Dell Dock, which contains the recycle bin. Problem is I still have the original recycle bin on the desktop and can find no way to delete it.

How can I get rid of the desk top recycle bin while retaining the bin in the Dell Dock?

Thanks, Irish

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Welcome to the Dell Community.

You cannot Delete the Recycle bin icon from the desktop, you will need to disable it from Desktop icon Settings. You can follow the steps mentioned below to disable Recycle bin from your Desktop;

Right click on your empty desktop - select personalize - on the left side of the window select Change Desktop Icons - remove the check mark associated to Recycle bin by clicking on it - click Apply and then OK.

If you would like to enable it anytime in the future, you can follow the same steps and put a check mark on Recycle bin.



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