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Dell E-Port K07A002 and Windows 10 (1607)

I have on my Dell E7250 laptops Windows 10 build 1607 installed with the latest Dell drivers. I use the laptop in combination iwht the Dell E-Port K07A002 which we also used with our Windows 7 operation system before without any issues.

Now with Windows 10 we found out that sometimes (!) the switching between dock and undoched is not working.

When undoched on wireless and connect the laptop to the E-Port, you see the machine starts switching the connection to ethernet connection but never get it enabled and prompted a connection failure. It then does not have a connection at all :-(

When removing the ethernet cable from the E-Port, the wireless connection starts and will work.

Currently we have rolled out about 150 Windows 10 machines and we had up until now about 5-10 users starts ompalining about this issue.

Is it known by other people ? Please let me know if there is a solution for it.

I also checked the Dell site:

My model E-Port K07A002 is not on that list. Will that mean it is not supported for Windows 10?

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