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Dell E6410 wifi adapter question

Dear colleagues

Please can anyone advise:

I have the above i5 2.4ghz system, and am using it at home for wifi

I understand the adapter is a  Wifi LInk series 6000 agn adapter.

A quick check on my speed (looking in the control panel) showed it changing from 39 Mbps upto at times 117 Mbps, with the most common reading being 78 Mbps

I have seen it on the internet that an adapter with 801.11AC protocol is supposed to be faster.

Please can anyone advise: if I were to replace my existing one with the AC adapter would I experience a stronger signal: Would it be a worthwhile upgrade?

any comments would be much appreciated

Best wishes


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Mary G
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RE: Dell E6410 wifi adapter question

Speed also depends on your wireless router and modem as well as your Internet Provider who can set speeds according to your monthly fees. Do a speed test online to see what you are actually getting. Results you see on your computer are approximate. You probably would not get much improvement with a USB A/C adapter. You would need to buy an a/c router to go with it if you don't have one now and those are expensive.

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