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Dell E6440 very noisy fans on Windows - but silent on Linux

Hi everyone,

I just bought Dell E6440 and I have a problem with almost constantly working, noisy fans. I had E6420 with i5-2520M, 4GB RAM, HD3000 and 120GB SSd and it was way much silent than my new laptop which is great but very noisy.

I have i7-4600M CPU with 8GB RAM, HD 4600, 240GB SSD and Windows 7 Pro now and I noticed that even if I turn on web browser with one card CPU temp reaches over 70 and even 83 C degrees which causes very noisy fan work almost all the time. 

I send it back to service but they told me it is natural for that strong machine and it is normal producent acceptable values. I agree but it is only web browser with standard web page (not YouTube HD Video!)

I upgraded BIOS to newest version but the problem still occures.

I reinstalled Windows 7.

I noticed that after I installed every graphic card driver from Dell site chronologic it was getting better with every version but it is still very loud comparing to E6420.

Finally I installed Linux Mint next to Windows and guess what. It works like a charm! Very silent, without almost no noise or high temperature! 

What should I do? I need Windows 7 to work. Maybe I should check what will be going on on Windows 10?

Service checked cooling system and cleaned everything twice so it is not the problem especially that laptop works great on Linux.

Please help!

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RE: Dell E6440 very noisy fans on Windows - but silent on Linux

OK, I found a solution. It was Intel Turbo Boost I switched off while being in BIOS. Laptop became silent and comfy. I know I downgraded my computer in some way but it was worth it. I can finally use my computer without headache.

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